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At continental gold we just want to love what we do and be a part of something good in the world. We wake up each day and look to live our lives buy 3 simple rules- radical honesty, hard work and extreme loyalty to everyone who is part of the Continental Gold journey. We are inspired by our opportunity to create homes for people and understand what a great home truly means.

We challenge design and constantly seek improvements while mitigating risks. We work through problems and grow as a company; we look for new ways to do things and aim to overdeliver every time.


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Continental Gold believes in win-win business, we understand that being good people is important and that relationships are the new currency. We understand that no matter what all real estate developments have problems, challenges and risks ingrained in them. Our challenge is to remain stoic in our duties to our investors by protecting their capital and customer by delivering the highest quality home possible. This means being radically honest when mistakes happen, fixing them quickly, and learning from them thus always delivering on our promise

Focused On Win-Win Business

If it's not win-win it's not for Continental Gold, we only look to do win-win business based off great relationships.

Stoic Duties

Our duties are to protect our investors capital while delivering the highest quality homes possible.

Radical Honesty

We pride ourselves on our honesty and understand that mistakes happen and it's our duty to be transparent and fix them quickly.

Rupert Kay

Who is Rupert Kay?

Rupert Kay is the Founder and CEO of Continental Gold Ltd, a property development company striving to create homes of the future, homes that put people’s health and wellbeing first. He is an exciting, value-focused, performance-driven property developer with experience in both finding and running multiple developments with GDV's over 4 million pounds. He believes in the power radical honesty and the pursuit of excellence. He is ambitious, hardworking, and driven. He is a charismatic leader who leads from the front he believes in creating environments of excellence that inspire those within it to work for the greater cause and become the best person they can be. His desire to make a difference and inspire those around him is what continually pushes him to evolve and seek new challenges far outside his comfort zone. He believes that the power of a great team will always outperform a great individual.